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Online Application Forms For AICTE, MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA, BTECH

Application process in India is always a challenge. Whether you are applying for MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA, BTECH, Hotel Management, Diploma, Fashion institute or just a regular college... the process itself is very cumbersome. So here are some resource for you that will help you apply online for your admissions in India. is a pre-admission portal. It helps in acquiring automation in admission process and its related activities. Students can visit, register and apply for the desired courses online. All the data and information filled by the student is closely determined and monitored by the educational institute. It also claims to keeps track of confidentiality of student's information and have several security checks.

Currently has close to 18 colleges/institutes tied up. So you can apply online for colleges such as Algol School of Management & Technologies, Gurgaon, Asian Business School, Noida, Delhi Business School, IBMR, MassCoMedia, NDIMS, NSB etc.

The site looks fairly new though and throws exceptions every now and then.. but its a good effort to make the admission process online. The site also has SMS online form alerts, email alerts etc. Signing up for the form is free now.. - Common Admission Form is a division of Eduvision India Services which caters to the pre-admission procedures undertaken by the students. The site provides a platform where students can sign up and apply online for their college admissions while colleges can signup and have their online admission process setup.

Common Admission Form claims to register 25+ colleges every month to bring their admission process online. Common Admission Form currently has more than 70 colleges where you can apply online such as Triveni Institute, Wingness College of Aviation, WLC College, Acharya Institute (Bangalore) etc. You can check the full list here

You can also singup for the email/SMS alerts for your online admission process with Common Admission Form. Common Admission Form also have a referral program where you can earn Referral and Reward points on Form application of your referee.

If you are looking to apply for IIT online, IIT has its own website where you can apply online. YOu can visit IIT India and apply online for your admission to IIT.